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One Paw At a Time.

We’re here to improve the lives of dogs in many shelters around the world.

By donating, you’re not just supporting Charity to Paws.
You’re supporting an animal in need.

Our Team Visiting Madra Dog Rescue, Galway,Ireland

Beautiful pets rescued

Many dog shelters lack the right amount of food.

Many shelters lack proper warmth and insulation.

An estimated 650 million dogs live in poverty.

With your help we keep dogs healthier & stronger

The Mission of Charity to Paws is simple:            

To help the safety & well-being of animals.            

The Mission of Charity to Paws is simple:

To help the safety & well-being of animals.

Let's Build the World. Pain-Free .

Poor communities are often the most vulnerable to disasters. We work with rescue centres to help feed, prepare for winter, and walk dogs. We have selected a number of charities we currently help, and with your help, we can reach to more dog rescue centres


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